Here you find the timetables for summer semester 2018.
The courses due to regular plan all start on 04/02/2018.

Bachelor 2. Fachsemester

Bachelor 4. Fachsemester - Medieninformatik
Bachelor 4. Fachsemester - Ingenieurinformatik
Bachelor 4. Fachsemester - Wirtschaftsinformatik
Bachelor 4. Fachsemester - Verkehrsinformatik

Bachelor 6. Fachsemester - Medieninformatik
Bachelor 6. Fachsemester - Ingenieurinformatik
Bachelor 6. Fachsemester - Wirtschaftsinformatik

Please note, it is possible, that changes with short notice (such as cancellation, room changes, special lectures, etc.) and also current news are published on the "Schwarzen Brett" in the internal area of the website.

Online timetable with Publish

The University of Applied Sciences Erfurt has an online timetable: Publish
Each participant can arrange his own timetable view and also use it in his calendar.
On the main website, under "startsite > students > online services" you can find an explanation on how to use the software:

Link to Online-Services, with instructions

Please read the instructions first or download the ODF before you use Publish for the first time.
If you feel familiar with the application you can use it directly.

direct Link to Publish