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Development of methods and tools for a virtual product presentation in 3D Community Photo Collections (PoP-EYE)

The purpose of PoP-EYE is a simple and photo realistic embedding of planning data and virtual producs into spatially arranged 3D Community Photo Collections (CPC). For this purpose technologies of the collaborative 3D reconstruction on the basis of the picture worlds and Augmented Reality (AR) are used. 

In cooperation with Eastern Graphics the planning of office furniture in new buildings is used as an application scenario. In this area a high-quality presentation is of great use for architects and building owners. The purpose of the project is to develop technologies and prototypes for virtual product presentations in 3D Community Photo Collections in the pre-competitice area. 
Subsequently the results should be exploited commercially. The goal of the cooperation partner ist to use the results in his commercial products, to gain a unique selling proposition. The advantage of PoP-EYE over other known AR applications is that the creation of photo realistic scene is vastly simplified.

The project is organized at Erfurt University of Applied Sciences, in the department of Building Technologies and Computer Science. Prof. Dr. Paul Grimm, appointed for graphical data processing leads the projects. His research focus is in the field of simplifying the development of application in virtual reality and augmented reality.

The project is funded by the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung with an amount of over 250,000 €. Die duration of the project is 06/2009 until 05/2012.

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