Student Game Developer Conference (SGDC) 2022

On February 10th, 2022, the Student Game Developer Conference (SGDC) took place online in a virtual 3D interaction environment (based on Mozilla Hubs) with exciting presentations by 70 students from the Erfurt University of Applied Sciences and the Ilmenau University of Technology. The conference was conceived as part of the research and development project "Immersive Learning Platform Thuringia (ILT)" and supported by LEFX, Games&XR, OVRLAB as well as the eTeach Network Thuringia.

This year, eight of the 17 student teams presented the computer games they created as part of the respective game development courses - from design to prototypical implementation. For this they designed their own 3D presentation rooms (booths). In addition, Tom Micklich (Managing Director and Technical Artist of LEFX) held an interesting keynote (see conference agenda).


Overall, the SGDC 2022 was a very exciting and interesting event, attended by around 100 people - 55 via WebEx and 45 via Mozilla Hubs. In the end, team Arkopis was chosen as the winner by the jury. Team Abilico took second place and the teams AquaVenture and Shadow Arise shared the third place.

The posters and presentation rooms created by the 17 student teams for the SGDC 2022 can still be viewed and explored using the appropriate links (see 2 tables below). In some rooms there is also a link to the computer game itself. So they can still be played and tested.


Impressions of the SGDC 2022

Conference Agenda

3:00 pmIntroduction & Welcoming Central Presentation Hall
3:10 pmKeynote by Tom Micklich
 Central Presentation Hall
3:30 pmShort break  
3:35 pmTeam Aqua AdventurePosterPresentation 1*
3:45 pmTeam AbilicoPosterPresentation 2*
3:55 pmTeam ArkopisPosterPresentation 3*
4:05 pmTeam Last ThoughtsPosterPresentation 4*
4:15 pmShort break  
4:20 pmTeam Splash & StrikePosterPresentation 5*
4:30 pmTeam UnstoPAWblePosterPresentation 6*
4:40 pmTeam Out of manaPosterPresentation 7*
4:50 pmTeam Shadow ArisePosterPresentation 8*
5:00 pmShort break  
5:05 pmBooth Presentations, Testing & Grading Presentation 1-8
5:20 pmSummary, Winner Announcement & Awards Ceremony Central Presentation Hall
5:35 pm onwards Networking All booths (Presentation rooms), Central Presentation Hall & Networking Hall

The capacity of the presentation rooms (booths) was limited to 20-35 people per room.
*During the game presentations the respective presentation room in the 3D world was not accessible to externals or they were asked to leave it.
Externals had the opportunity to ask questions via chat during or after the respecitve presentations.

Further Teams and their Booths

Team Save the QueenPosterBooth
Team Red RagePosterBooth
Team Death RoutePosterBooth
Team Duck Go GoPosterBooth
Team Save the ForestPosterBooth
Team Maze RunnerPosterBooth
Team Space JumpersPosterBooth
Team EscampusPosterBooth
Team Escape The Evil ProfPosterBooth


Game-Development for Enterprise - how whole industries turn towards game technologies and what this means for you

Short description:
Metaverse, Gamification, XR - game technologies are everywhere and the lines between game development and enterprise software development are blurring a little more every day. How do these shifts affect aspiring game developers? How does it impact technologies they rely on? Having co-founded LeFx, a studio creating enterprise realtime content since almost a decade, Tom Micklich shares some of his thoughts and experiences concerning the current trends and developments on the market. What can you do with your knowledge of game development aside from building games? How can you profit from shifting business models and an increased need for talent from industries new to this market?